Dear Friends,

I can’t believe it’s been three years already. First and foremost I would like to thank you for the opportunity to work on your behalf as a City Councillor. There is no greater feeling than being able to work together with you, the citizens of Chilliwack, to enhance our quality of life. You and I both know that Chilliwack is one of the most beautiful places to live, work, and raise a family, and this doesn’t happen by accident.

In my first term on Council, I learned firsthand the amount of time, effort, and teamwork it takes to ensure we continue to move Chilliwack forward. I have had the privilege of listening and learning about issues important to you. Whether through emails, phone-calls, or coffee shop conversations, I pride myself on being open and accessible to all citizens of Chilliwack. I have chaired numerous committees, from transportation to public safety, and I am proud of the investments the city has made in infrastructure, services, and most importantly, people.

I am extremely excited to put my name forward again for re-election as part of your Council team. I have learned a lot in the past three years, and I look forward to bringing the experience and leadership I have gained to serve the community for another four. I am confident that the challenges we face as a community will be met by electing a Mayor and Council committed to harnessing the energy of the hardworking and passionate people of Chilliwack.

As you know, Election Day is coming up on November 15th, and I would like to respectfully ask for your vote.




Blog Updates

My Neighbourhood

Healthy neighbourhoods are the building blocks of a healthy city. Jason's platform ideas focus on building engagement at the neighbourhood level.  These ideas empower citizens, increase public safety, and build awareness of local resources, connections, and services available.

My City

Great cities offer great opportunities to live, work, and play. Jason's platform ideas support key policies and initiatives that he will work on collaboratively with Mayor, Council, and the Citizens of Chilliwack to build a healthy, vibrant, Chilliwack where everyone shares an excellent quality of life.

My Candidate

Citizens should feel connected to the politicians working on their behalf. They should know that they always have the opportunity to sit down and share their ideas. Jason has proven that he will take the time, and make the effort to stay open and accessible to all citizens of Chilliwack.

Jason Lum is the best man for the job. He has my vote.
— Matt L, Citizen
I will as always, support Jason as I felt his voice was fresh and necessary in council! He has been true to representing our city and his commitment to the many extracurricular committees and boards he is on speaks for itself!
— T. McDonald, Mcdonald Entertainment
I am voting for Jason Lum because he has the proven experience, and the proven track-record for the job.
— Donna M, Citizen