Archived Post - 2014 Neighbourhood Visits

It's nice to have the first of the all candidates meetings finished. Even though I am a candidate, it's great to hear what the 16 other folks running for office have to say as well. Lot's of interesting ideas! This week I had a great opportunity to get out and meet with a few folks in the seniors homes. The City has spent a lot of time listening to the concerns of seniors around mobility, accessibility, and transportation. It was nice to have tea with some friends and I brought my trusty notebook to write down ideas and concerns. I also visited the high-school (as I do every semester) to talk to young people in the community and brainstorm what kind of things we can be doing better to engage youth. The ideas coming out of the civics, socials, and peer counselling classes are excellent and, if re-elected, I will continue to work to include them into the city planning process.

Halloween was fun, although it seemed like we have fewer and fewer kids trick-or-treating every year. By now you have probably seen the awesome‪#‎lumkinchallenge‬ - we may not have the signage and resources that our competitors have, but our team has definitely topped the charts in the creativity department. We also attended the Annual Hospice Gala (which raised almost 100K for Chilliwack Hospice Society) A fantastic event, with great food, fun, and lot's of reminders that ‪#‎Chilliwack‬ is a very caring and generous place. Lastly, Sheila and I took in the Bentall, Byrnes, and Mann Show at the Cultural Centre. The show was packed, and to be able to see that caliber of entertainment right here in Chilliwack makes me proud of our investment in the Cultural Centre.

Quick reminder that this week (Wednesday) is the first of the Advanced Polling opportunities at City Hall (8550 Young Road) Polls open at 8 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. As always I am available for any questions, comments, concerns - please feel free to share this update with a friend.


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