My Neighbourhood, My City, My Candidate 


If re-elected as a member of your Council Team here are a few ideas that I would like to work on collaboratively with you. 

Vibrant Local Economy, World Class Infrastructure
I believe in supporting new ideas and entrepreneurs. I am proud of the work we have done on Council to keep our taxes and fees at a very competitive level. I believe by committing to keeping our taxes low we are reducing barriers for entrepreneurs and small businesses to succeed. I envision a Chilliwack where people bring their ideas and new ventures. I believe the best way to encourage and support small business people and entrepreneurs is to keep money in their pockets, so they can use it to re-invest in their businesses and their community. I also believe a vibrant economy relies on world-class infrastructure to support it. Local governments build, own, and maintain the majority of the infrastructure that we rely on to support our quality of life. I support a long-term infrastructure plan that prioritizes and budgets for the construction and maintenance of our municipal infrastructure including water and sewer utilities, drainage and dyking, transportation network (road network, public transit, pedestrian, cycling) The City of Chilliwack is in the envious position of being debt free, but we must not lose sight of the importance to pro-actively plan for and maintain our core infrastructure by leaving an infrastructure deficit for our future taxpayers to solve. 

Looking for small businesses resources in Chilliwack? Check these out: 

Public Safety
I believe in support for crime prevention resources. Crime is more than simply a policing issue. Crime is a community issue. We must focus on prevention rather than the cure. If we want to create a healthy, vibrant community we must focus on changing the conditions in our City that influence and promote criminal activity, victimization, and insecurity. For the last year, I have worked as the Mayor's appointed Chair of the Public Safety Committee alongside the RCMP, NGO’s, Private Sector, Health Providers, and Faith Organizations to tackle issues relating to crime and public safety.  I am in full support of an accountable, goal-oriented, multi-agency approach to making Chilliwack stronger and safer for all. I am proud of the work of the Safer Neighbourhoods Program, and the Safer Families Program - both of which are collaborating with multiple agencies to tackle issues of problem properties, hoarding, homelessness, youth exploitation, and prolific offenders. Our work has started to see results, our overall crime statistics are down, but we have much more work to do. 

Be A Part of the Solution! Check out these Public Safety Resources:

Vibrant Neighbourhoods
I support mixed-use and mixed-neighbourhood planning.  Many of the decisions your Council makes revolve around land-use, planing, and rezoning. I envision a Chilliwack that provides options for residential, commercial and civic functions in the same neighborhoods. I believe planning mixed-use neighbourhoods helps reduce auto dependence, and when planned correctly can help improve ridership on our public transportation system.  I believe great neighbourhoods offer citizens close access to shopping, amenities, civic facilities, libraries, pubs, schools, etc. Our recent OCP looks at opportunities for densification in order to protect and preserve agricultural land. I believe smart densification has its benefits, more eyes on the street helps reduce opportunities for crime while providing more opportunities for citizens to interact and build community.  I will also advocate for citizen participation in the neighbourhood planning process. In my time on Council I have focussed on building engagement with the community, I believe seeking out neighbourhood ideas in an innovative way will build that engagement and strengthen our plans for the city.

Learn more about Neighbourhood Planning

As a member of your Council team I will continue to listen to your concerns and actively seek out your ideas and input.